It was Ferdinand Piech’s obsessive devotion that made the Bugatti Veyron so impossible for others to beat. The madman of Wolfsburg commissioned the Veyron originally back in the day, resolute in a thousand horsepower and the highest production car top speed. The result as we all know by now was epic.

Piech might not be around at the Volkswagen Group any more, but Bugatti is, and that meant toppling the greatest hypercar ever built. Somehow with the Chiron, the house of Molsheim did it.

With 1,500 horsepower the Chiron is significantly more powerful, quicker, faster, more expensive, ad overall more impressive than its predecessor in every single aspect, and makes no apologies to cars from Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche or Pagani. It just puts everything else to shame, with zero to 100kph in two-and-a-half seconds and then 200kph coming up in 6.5 seconds. Top speed if you have a private runway, somewhere around 420kph.

It’s unrivalled, and the Dh10 million price tag or thereabouts, not only buys you bragging rights to the most intense hypercar on the market, but also a vehicle that’s as tractable as a humble Volkswagen Polo and perfectly manageable around town or the shopping mall car park. As far as multiple talents go, the Chiron is one heck of a prodigy.