BMW Group has officially obtained the Shanghai Intelligent Connected Autonomous Driving Test License, issued by the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Road Test Promotion Team — consisting of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission to become the first international automaker to obtain the license in China and mark a big step on its path to Autonomous Driving.

This achievement underlines BMW Group’s leading role in the development of autonomous driving in the Chinese automotive industry.

To carry out road tests for the preparation of L4 Autonomous Driving R&D in China, Shanghai is an attractive, innovative city, matching perfectly with BMW Group’s vision of future mobility.

The BMW Group has set up a strong local team in Shanghai, including over 60 experts in Autonomous Driving.

Using the license, the R&D team will gather several Petabyte of data based on actual traffic, covering its full complexity. This data will be used to train machine learning algorithms performing adequate L4 Autonomous Driving behaviour.

The test sites in Shanghai currently cover a total length of about 5.6km planned to grow quickly over time. The test fleet is based on the latest 7 Series models, starting with two operating vehicles in May and adding up to seven vehicles by December in China. “Safety first” is the primary premise for the development of Autonomous Driving at BMW Group.

Until now, the accumulated mileage reaches nearly 30,000km of road test in China, and more than 200,000km of computer simulation.