Aston Martin has already been competing for the past several years in the GTE class of the Le Mans 24-hour with its Vantage GTE, but the Brit sportscar marque is eyeing outright victory in the 2020 race with a contender based on a brand-new hypercar nicknamed ‘Son of Valkyrie’.

The FIA recently announced new Le Mans rules that come into force in 2020, with the current LMP1 pinnacle category making way for a new premier class. The name for this could be Super Sportscar, GTPrototype, Le Mans Supercars, Le Mans Hypercars, or something else – the FIA has basically put this decision in the hands of fans.

Being the top class, are expected to be even more rapid than the already ballistic LMP1 cars and will be equipped with KERS hybrid systems and a 4WD layout.

It was expected that Aston Martin would enter the Valkyrie hypercar (pictured) into the race when event organisers announced the rules would be changed to put road-derived cars in the top category. However, Aston boss Andy Palmer was quoted as saying the so-called ‘Son of Valkyrie’ would be a better fit.

“The underlying fact is that ‘son of Valkyrie’ will drop at exactly the right time, and if that means it would be able to go into the event and race LaFerraris, Porsche 918s and McLaren Sennas, then I cannot think of anything better,” Palmer said.

The ‘son of Valkyrie’ race car will be derived from the road car currently being developed by Aston and Red Bull engineers, led by legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey.