Nissan hosted almost 2,500 Patrol Safari fans to celebrate the launch of the newest editions to the Safari family — the Patrol Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle-X. The event took place in the unique and captivating Mleiha desert, one of the most important historical sites in the UAE, further underscoring the cultural significance of the Patrol Safari range to people in the country.

A convoy of Patrols, hailing from all emirates of the UAE, led the way to the event, travelling together from Meydan in Dubai, to Mleiha in Sharjah. Ranging from the most up-to-date models to meticulously cared for classics, the convoy encompassed over 100 cars, all driven by proud Patrol Safari owners excited to join in the celebration and discover the new cars. During the course of the event, attendees were given an advanced preview of the new Patrol Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle X models, ahead of their going on sale to the wider public. Guests were able to explore the features of the cars, as well as put them through their paces with dune bashing test drive experiences on offer. The three new editions were dramatically revealed to attendees through a powerful ‘3D Mapping’ that was projected directly on to the mountain rock, whilst the cars suddenly appeared out of the darkness of the desert. The giant projection measured an epic 150 metres in length and 65 metres in height and was followed by a light-effect that stretched across 600 metres of the mountain wall.

Commenting on the event, Kalyana Sivagnanam, Regional Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Nissan AMI and President of Nissan Middle East said: “We were thrilled by the number of people who attended, by their enthusiastic participation, and by the reception they gave the new Patrol Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle-X models.”