Stopping your vehicle on a pedestrian crossing could result in a Dh500 fine as several new traffic rules are to be instated soon to improve safety in the country.

Abu Dhabi Police is taking extra measures to make the roads safer in the capital by placing new radar devices called “Hather” at pedestrian crossings and school areas which will be based on artificial intelligence technology.

They’ll be able to detect the movement of vehicles and will feature two screens and two cameras to help capture violations. The device will also have a central unit that will monitor the pedestrian crossings and the surrounding area.

The three new fines to be instated are:

1. Dh500 fine for stopping your vehicle on a pedestrian crossing

2. Dh400 fine for stopping your vehicle in a way that threatens pedestrians or prevents their safe passage across the road

3. Dh400 fine for parking your vehicle on the pavement

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