Good news for motorists of the UAE as the Ministry of Energy and Industry announced a drop in fuel prices once again meaning you can fill your tanks to the brim in October 2019 – however, if your vehicle has a diesel engine, then the news is not so good…

Super 98 has gone down to Dh2.24 per litre (it was Dh2.28 a litre in September) and Special 95 will set you back Dh2.12 (also down from Dh2.16 a litre in September).

However, Diesel is going to cost more from October at Dh2.41 a litre while September’s price had been set at Dh2.38 a litre. All prices include VAT.

If you were not aware, prices have been fluctuating every month ever since the UAE’s Ministry of Energy deregulated fuel prices in the UAE. That was way back on the 1st of August 2015 where they aligned them with international crude prices.

This means prices now move with the market but before 2015, the price of fuel was subsidised by the government. This acted as a shield for consumers from global fluctuations, but that isn’t the case anymore.