Ford has climbed four positions from number 5 in last year’s Brand Intimacy Report to now top the 2019 list as the most popular brand in the UAE’s motoring industry, according to a study by MBLM.

In second place is Mercedes-Benz while Audi finds itself in third. Lexus, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi round out the Top 10, respectively.

Ford, with recently launched models such as the Edge ST, also ranks number 1 with female users and high-income groups, while BMW is top for male users. Honda is the preferred brand for consumers in the 35-64 age bracket while millennials (18-34) find Mercedes-Benz the most attractive.

Also, for the third consecutive year, the UAE’s automotive industry has maintained its number 1 spot out of 15 industries. The survey – conducted by MBLM with Praxis Research Partners – was designed primarily to understand the extent to which consumers have relationships with brands and the strength of those relationships. 6,200 consumer responses from the UAE, Mexico and the US were analyzed along with approximately 56,000 brand evaluations.

By scoring the highest in the study, it is evident that UAE consumer’s love of cars shows no sign of abating and that they’ll continue to rally behind it in spite of the current economic climate.

William Shintani, managing partner of MBLM said, “The most intimate car brands elevate the entire industry, scoring the highest in the fulfillment archetype—when a brand outperforms and delivers more—generally associated with services. We can see that brands that deliver great service in pre- and post-sales services will continue to create strong bonds with consumers.”