In what is claimed to be the first of its kind behavior study, two firms have joined hands to analyse UAE motorists’ tolerance levels when it comes to dealing with others’ mistakes, deliberate bullying behavior, and reasons behind road rage.

“The idea of a positive road culture based on tolerance, empathy and ethics is very close to our hearts as the deepest-rooted value of our company is to practice ethically," said Sudharsan Narasimhan, Chief Underwriting Officer of Noor Takaful Ethical Insurance. "We've partnered with RoadSafetyUAE to research, evaluate and analyse this very subject as this is especially relevant with 2019, the Year of Tolerance.”

The study has found that 50% of respondents think that road users are tolerant to each other in general, however the level of tolerance is only 45% in case of true mistakes of others, and it further drops to 35% in case of deliberate and egoistic acts like reckless driving, bullying, jumping the queue, tailgating and similar.

The study also found that UAE motorists are driven into road rage by reckless driving of others, with 73% of respondents stating to ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ fall into road rage themselves, and 63% witness others to ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ fall into road rage. Meanwhile, 58% of respondents observe rude retaliating driving or stopping/blocking traffic as an act of road rage, 36% witness foul gestures and 24% foul language.

“We wanted to understand how tolerant UAE motorists are to each other in the case of true mistakes and in the case of deliberate acts of bullying, but also how prone we are to road rage and in which situations we are losing our temper,” says Thomas Edelmann, Founder & Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE. “In order to craft the right communication and engagement initiatives to raise awareness and consequently better the behavior on the roads, we need to understand the motivators for the behavior we experience on the roads. Hence, this piece of research will add a lot of value in understanding,” he adds.

Frederick Bisbjerg, Chief Digital Acceleration Officer, Noor Takaful Ethical Insurance adds: “Road rage often escalates from one driver to the other. In reflection of the essence of 2019, ‘Year of Tolerance’ we would like to urge motorists to be tolerant, empathetic and compassionate towards each other to help make our roads safer.”

The study was commissioned by Noor Takaful and RoadSafetyUAE and was conducted by YouGov in October 2019, based on the views of a representative sample of 1,000 UAE residents.