Five-year-olds clutching paint brushes should not be let anywhere near expensive cars… Wait, what? An actual artist did this? And he’s an adult? Ok…

That’s right, folks – what you see here is a Rolls-Royce Phantom customized by US artist Bradley Theodore. Now, the Goodwood carmaker builds the most unique cars on the planet and can customize any of its models to however its clientele wishes, but this one was nothing to do with them… It was commissioned by Abu Dhabi Motors who turned to the contemporary artist to have a crack at dressing up the Phantom, and this is what he came up.

Rolls-Royce is a luxury institution so we reckon your eyebrows will be in a raised position while looking at these pics... Photo: Supplied

Now, depending on your artistic standpoint this is either the rainbow ride of your dreams – or nightmares. Either way, it is hard to ignore. The dealership posted photos of the spruced up Rolls on its Facebook page with the following caption: “Theodore has shaken the contemporary art world with this striking use of color, his passion for fashion and his personality. What happens when art and luxury combines?”

We won’t answer that but if you didn’t know, Theodore is well known for his bold use of colours and strong lines and the Rolls is pretty similar to some of his previous works. He even did a Wraith in similar fashion before this so his collaboration with the British carmaker goes back a while.

It was commissioned by Abu Dhabi Motors - but we wonder if it is destined for a customer in the UAE? Photo: Supplied

The Phantom is dressed up in shades of red, blue, green and yellow and fortunately or unfortunately his creative juices have been limited to just the exterior – the cabin has been left untouched. We’ll leave it to the art experts to comment on this…