We are always being told that speeding is dangerous and can cause serious accidents and this is true, it does. However, recent figures released in the UK show a shocking new statistic - the number of people injured or killed due to accidents that are caused by slow drivers has increased.

The Department of Transport revealed that the number of people seriously injured or killed has soared to 75 per cent in the last five years. They have also revealed that slow-coach drivers have been blamed for causing around three serious accidents every week. Last year alone, there were 26 people who were seriously hurt and two were killed across the UK because of accidents caused by slow driving. Police have reported that driving slower than the speed limit can certainly contribute to accidents. 132 people were involved in minor injuries which was blamed on crashes caused by slow moving vehicles.

Driving well below the posted speed limit has been found to trigger tailgating, undertaking, congestion, and road rage by other drivers. In some countries, a minimum speed limit is also posted along with the maximum limit on road signs but it seems these are being ignored.

“Driving too slowly is a recipe for disaster. I have advocated for a long time that driving too slowly causes frustration for other people and can cause them to attempt an overtaking maneuver, which is the most dangerous thing you can do on the roads,” said Hugh Bladon, a founding member of the Alliance of British Drivers.
Some drivers are of the opinion that the more restrictions that are put on speed limits, the worse things will become as more attention will be needed to follow different road rules whose values keep changing every few meters instead of concentrating on driving well.