The Urus has been a big sales success for Lamborghini having sold an incredible 8,205 units worldwide. That is a 43 per cent sales increase compared to the previous year – and it is mostly thanks to the new SUV. It’s hardly a surprise either as everyone wants a high-riding vehicle these days.

But, many out there happen to believe that the Urus is the first Lambo SUV! How wrong are they? Enthusiasts all know that the Italians first-ever SUV came in the late Eighties and was the LM002 - aka the Rambo Lambo. Built from 1986 to 1992, it was the brands first attempt at a military-style off-road vehicle and 300 were produced. That makes them very rare today and if you happen to find one, you better be loaded. Used examples can fetch more than a brand Urus!


In fact, listed for sale on duPont Registry is a beautiful one-owner ‘89 model with just 18,763 miles on the clock. Power is supplied by a 5.2-litre V12 (the same motor as the Countach) and it produces 426 horses. It can get from 0-100kph in 9.3 seconds – quite a lot slower than the Urus which can do the same in 3.6.

The 30-year old classic features a full leather black interior with wood grain trim, AC, and a premium Alpine Stereo mounted in a roof console, it is up for grabs for Dh1.2 milion ($349,900) – that makes it at least Dh380,000 ($149,000) more than a new Urus which can be had for around the Dh900,000 ($200,000) mark.


So, what will it be? This awesome rare Lambo or the new Urus which is fast becoming a common sight on our roads? We know what we would choose if we had the money!