A very rare and very significant fast Ford will be going under the hammer later this month in the UK and it is expected to fetch a pretty penny too.

Silverstone Auctions is offering a 1987 Sierra RS500 – chassis number 003 – which was originally owned by the Blue Oval to help develop the limited run of homologation models.

The auction is taking place on the 22nd February and the price estimates for the Cossie are pegged at the £60,000 to £70,000 mark (Dh300,000 to Dh350,000).

Joe Watts of Silverstone Auctions said; “These cars are highly sought after and this particular car, one of the first and with the provenance it has, will generate a lot of interest.”

Silverstone Auctions says it is one of four cars used by Ford during the development of the RS500 and this particular one was used for the testing of the turbo and intercooler.

It comes with the Eggenberger Motorsport tuned engine from Steve Soper’s road-going RS500 number 10, which was given to him by Ford and upon it being returned, the engine was transferred to Chassis 003 and it has a build sheet to prove the engine transfer by Ford.

The Sierra has 69,000 miles on the clock and it has been ratified by the RS500 Owners Club.

Watts added, “It is probably the best surviving prototype out there.”