General Motors dropped the Pontiac brand 10 years ago but the iconic Firebird, and its huge phoenix decal on the bonnet, had been ditched long before in 2002.

The large sticker, introduced on the second generation model in the early Seventies, was a great look for the muscle car – and it seems it is still popular today judging by this BMW i8!

It appears the owner of this German sportscar – wrapped in matte black – is a classic American muscle car enthusiast at heart and in particular the Firebird. It would help explain the giant gold bird, which was also referred to as the ‘screaming chicken’ on the bonnet.

It looks pretty good and makes the plug-in hybrid - which has an all-electric range of 40km – really stand out. It also has a number of gold accents all over the body - including the grille - but the most striking is the hood graphic, made famous by one of America’s most iconic cars.

It seems the owner loves the Firebird so much that he/she didn’t seem to mind that the giant bird overlaps over the BMW roundel on the edge of the bonnet! It’s a shame he/she didn’t go full Firebird by adding gold pin stripes all over the body and of course gold alloy wheels.

We really wouldn’t be surprised if the owner has a black and gold Seventies classic tucked away in his/her garage…