Abarth fans in the UAE rejoice! The Middle East’s first official Abarth enthusiasts’ organisation, Abarth Club Dubai, has been formally recognised by the Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA), parent company of Abarth. The ‘Abarthisti’ in the UAE already used to have their gatherings for a while, but now they have been given the official stamp of recognition, with the club now finding its place on Abarth’s global club locator.

What started out as a small gathering of UAE-based enthusiasts, the club today is 50-member strong, and is headed by Abarth Club Dubai President Tamer Nabil. The group now joins the global Scorpionship community, which was founded in 2016 and has today grown into a network of over 77 clubs and over 110,000 members worldwide.

The club’s official status comes with privileges only available to the Scorpionship community, such as track days, club events, and even visits to the home of Abarth in Turin, Italy. Commenting on the new status of the Dubai club, Jo Moursi, Head of Italian Brands at FCA Middle East, said: “Style, performance, and a motorsports heritage stretching back over 70 years - these are all qualities that combine to create the unique thrill of driving an Abarth sports car. This thrill is what inspires the passion and enthusiasm shown by the Abarth Club Dubai, as it rightly takes its place amongst the global Scorpionship community. We are thrilled to have an official group of dedicated Abarthisti coming together to share their love for this very special brand. Having a base in the UAE means a club with a rich multicultural and diverse background, reflecting the incredible range of cultures and nationalities that makes the Club even more vibrant.”