Maserati has delayed the reveal of its new Grecale due to issues with the supply of semiconductors.

Initially set to be unveiled on November 16, the Grecale’s full launch has been delayed until ‘Spring 2022’ – though no specific date has been given.

In a release issued recently (October 18), the Italian firm said the launch had been delayed because of the ‘background problems that have caused interruptions in the supply chains for the key components necessary to complete the car’s production process’.

It said this was particularly down to the shortage of semiconductors – the computer chips required to conduct all manner of functions in a car – and that the ‘quantity of production would not allow us to respond properly to the expected global demand’.

Sitting below the larger Levante in Maserati’s range of SUVs, the new Grecale is expected to be a best-selling vehicle for the firm. Using much the same underpinnings as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the Grecale will use Maserati-made engines and an electric model is expected to enter the fold after the car’s initial release.

Though no real images of the car have been seen, Maserati did release a handful of blurry ‘teaser’ images at the start of the year.