With its entry in the 2017 Formula-E Championship, Jaguar isn’t making a secret of its electric car ambition, and this could well be the first model in its line-up. Our spy recently spotted this mule of the F-Pace SUV undergoing testing in Europe.

The most notable change is the extended wheelbase, while the front air vents are different and the side scoops have been deleted. More importantly, our spy has confirmed that the SUV drove past in complete silence, which is surprising given the standard petrol version has a pretty shouty exhaust note. The tailpipes in the photos are almost certainly a diversion tactic.

The technology will assuredly trickle down to other cars in the range and the XE would perhaps be among the first Jags to get the all-electric gubbins. The electron-powered XE will duke it out with the Tesla Model 3 in the all-important US market. If Jaguar can replicate even a fraction of the success the Model 3 has achieved, it might extend the tech to bigger models like the XJ saloon.

The all-electric F-Pace, meanwhile, will take on rivals like the Tesla Model X and the Audi e-tron range of 4x4s, and is likely to arrive in 2018 as a 2019 model.