Talks of BMW and Toyota joining forces to build a sportscar have been swirling for four years now and our spy has already spotted the Supra version of the car. This week he’s snapped the BMW rendition thereof.

The two-door front-engined sportscar has the same classic roadster proportions of the current Z4, which means acreage of bonnet upfront and a stubby back. Likely to be called the Z5, the convertible will also ditch the current Z4’s folding tin-top for a traditional fabric roof.

The upcoming car, which is expected to hit production in 2018, will actually be slotted above the Z4, meaning it will be pricier. The increase in monies will be backed up by bigger dimensions all around, making the Z5 sit below the 6 Series in terms of size.

A host of engines will be available from launch including base turbocharged inline fours, while the halo version will get a six-banger developing something in the vicinity of 400 horsepower.

The car will be lighter than the Z4 and will likely use carbon fibre in strategic places to reduce weight and increase rigidity; just like the new 7 Series.

While the Z4 may cease to exist given its similarity in performance and footprint with the Z5, an entry-level model may be added to the line-up under a new nameplate.

We must say this is turning out to be an exciting car.