Our intrepid spy has sent the first images of the upcoming facelifted Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. But of course since it is Prancing Horse we are talking about, and words like ‘facelift’ are for plebian carmakers, this will be resplendently monikered the F12 M. The ‘M’, as Ferraristi will eagerly point out, stands for modificato, or modified. Er, a facelift.

Semantics apart, while the changes aren’t expected to be earth shattering, there will be plenty to put a reasonable performance chasm between it and the standard F12.

The prototype he caught testing on the roads in Ferrari’s stomping ground, Maranello, is heavily disguised but the silhouette of the F12 is evident and remains unchanged. There is a new front bumper with revised air intakes that seems to differ starkly from the ones on the F12’s maw.

Given the 575 M Maranello, the previous grand tourer to sport ‘modificato’ in its name, was given a substantial mechanical update. It got a new interior, larger stoppers, and revised aero and weight distribution.

Going by the same token, the F12 M will sit between the 'base' F12 and the bonkers F12 TDF in the fiscal pecking order. While no major changes to the engine and the gearbox are expected, some software tweakery could free up a bit more power and cut down shift times of the seven-speed automatic gearbox. Our bet would be an estimated horsepower of about 750, which means it would slot rather neatly between the 730bhp F12 and the 769bhp TDF.

Since this is an early prototype, chances are F12 M will make its debut sometime in mid-2017 and will go on sale thereafter as a 2018 model. Consider us well and truly excited.