This week, our spy snapper has scooped the next-generation Corvette C8 testing in snow along with a couple of ZR1 prototypes. It’s all the more interesting as some of the pictures show the upcoming mid-engine C8 running side by side with the current generation ZR1, giving us a chance to compare them visually.

The C8 is expected to be launched sometime next year as a 2019 model since the current version is still relatively new, having been introduced in 2014. While there were rumours earlier that the C7 will be mid-engine, that didn’t happen. Although camouflaged, you can see that the prototype caught testing is mid-engined, with a wide rear end and distinctly Corvette-ish roofline, and short front end.

Although there’s been no confirmation yet, we expect the 6.2-litre LT5 V8 to be behind the driver and likely to be shown off through a glass door. But one thing is certain, with all these changes, the C8 is going to be the priciest Corvette model ever.