Although it epitomises mediocrity, the Toyota Corolla is a legend in its own right as no other car in history can claim more success globally than this little Japanese car. But with rival automakers breathing down its neck with much better equipped models, Toyota knows it can’t afford to remain complacent anymore. So, just four years since the current model came out, the Japanese carmaker is working on the 12th-generation Corolla already, and this week we have the first spy shots of the upcoming model.

What we see here is an early prototype, which is also heavily camouflaged, so it’s too early to speculate on the looks. However, we expect the new Corolla’s styling to be an evolution of what we see in the current Avalon and Camry. But what we know for sure is that the new car will be underpinned by Toyota’s new modular platform called TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). More interestingly, there is word going around that it could use a BMW-sourced engine, which is possible as two Toyota models sold in some markets already have powertrains supplied by the German brand.