This ladies and gents is the next-generation Porsche 911 pounding the Nürburgring in anger and, as you’d expect, it will look almost exactly like the current 991.2 model. However, if you play close attention, there are some notable changes all around. Well, at least by Porsche’s wind-erosion spec styling evolution standards.

The 2019 911 is expected to be based on an all-new platform that will underpin the company’s future sportscars and might also be employed by other sporty Volkswagen Group brands. The biggest alterations are at the back, with a new brake light running the width of the car, along with a rather large active spoiler. The quad exhaust tips also appear to be moved further inward towards the centre of the car, while the rear air vents also appear to be larger. Up front, the headlights are a little more upright than the current car, but in profile it is still undeniably a 911.

Despite rumours that the next generation of 911 would go mid-engined, this prototype is clearly still running the engine at the rear axle. That said, there is still a likelihood of a mid-engined 911, probably running a hybrid drivetrain, to make an appearance some time in the future.

This is likely the Carrera S model, which means it runs the 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine that the Stuttgart carmaker introduced last year. It is likely that the next 911 would see the obligatory power hike, although it would be a relatively nominal number. Expect something to the tune of 440 to 450 horsepower, up 20-30 horses from the current Carrera S’s 420bhp. Power delivery would still be handled by the seven-speed PDK gearbox that does service in current cars.

The next 911 will go on sale in 2019 in base Carrera form. Sure enough this will be followed a gazillion different versions thereof, not unlike the current 911, which can be had in over 20 different flavours.