Last issue, we brought you spy shots of the Kortezh, Vladimir Putin’s presidential limousine in the making. It’s only apt then that this week’s shots are those of the official car designated to be used by his American counterpart, Donald Trump.
 Dubbed The Beast 2.0, the next presidential limo is said to have been based on a General Motors truck platform, but as you can see here, will get a Cadillac-shaped body and badging. Although it looks like a stretched Cadillac CT-6 in pictures, our spy snapper says the car is actually the size of an Escalade, but with a much longer wheelbase and a three-box styling.

Being the US president’s next ride, it is anyone’s guess that The Beast 2.0 will boast the most current and most advanced armouring technology, which will protect Trump from not only bullets, bombs and mines, but also possible chemical and biological attacks. Since all those layers of fortification will add substantially to the car’s heft, expect an engine loaned from one of GM’s full-size heavy duty trucks. But unlike the Kortezh, this is strictly a one-off car that will never see series production or be available for anyone to buy.