Being the stomping ground of Range Rovers, this is big news for us lot in the Middle East. Land Rover is working on a facelift for the big Rangey and we’ve got pics to prove it. However, we use the word ‘facelift’ loosely here because the changes seem to be notably more than merely tweaked headlights. While the 2018 Range Rover prototype er, does seem to have revised headlights, much in the vein of the upcoming Velar, it is the interior modifications that are more substantial. Our intrepid spy got the photo of the completely undisguised cabin, which has gone digital with a vengeance.

The main difference being two new 10in touchscreen displays for most of the controls, while the steering wheel, which is also new, has refreshed buttons. Other exterior modifications include a new grille, front bumper and taillight graphics.

There is word this could even be the petrol-electric plug-in hybrid version of the Range Rover previewed by the Range Rover Sport Concept_e PHEV. The newcomer is expected to go on sale later this year as a 2018 model.