“When will we see a Superlegerra variant of the Huracán?” was one of the many questions we threw at Lamborghini’s research and development director Maurizio Reggiani during the launch of the Huracán LP 580-2 at Losail International Circuit, in Doha last year. We all knew Lamborghini would eventually make it, it was just a question of when. Typically, Reggiani dodged the question like a politician sitting on the fence, possibly to keep the surprise factor for its first sighting as high as possible. Well, our snapper has seen it, and no we aren’t surprised. At all. But, we are excited. Who doesn’t want a lightweight version of the supercar?

The prototype was caught being pushed to the limit at the Nurburgring and from the snaps that subsequently clogged our inbox, we can tell that it looks far more aggressive than the regular, if you can call it that, Huracán. Up front, it features a new bumper and splitter, while the side air intakes have been enlarged and at the back sits a prominent fixed wing with the exhaust system relocated to a higher position to probably allow for a much bigger diffuser. From this alone we know it’ll be a serious track monster. Aside from the aerodynamic package, it looks like it wears a set of upgraded wheels and extra sticky tyres while the brakes will no doubt be beefed up and it’ll have a stiffer suspension too.

To save weight, it’ll no have the all-wheel drive system of the LP610-4; the simpler and lighter rear-drive LP580-2 which we loved thrashing around Losail will form the basis of the new Huracán Superleggera (the official name hasn’t been cast in stone yet, but it’ll more than likely be called that). It’ll feature a lot of carbon fibre to further reduce weight along with a spartan cabin (bye bye carpets and sound deadening materials…) but it will use the same mid-engine chassis and although Lamborghini detuned the 5.2-litre V10 for the rear-wheel drive version, we expect it to up the ante for the Superlegerra and wouldn’t be surprised if it had more oomph than the 602bhp of the all-wheel drive car.

Sadly, as Reggiani made clear back then, there will not be a manual transmission, we’ll have to make do with the standard seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Oh well, at least that unit was mighty impressive. The Superlegerra should be launched sometime next year and it’ll cost a fair few dirhams more than the standard model.