Fans of the G-Class rejoice! An all-new model, expected to go on sale in 2018, has been caught testing and predictably it looks almost exactly the same as the current Geländewagen. There are some key differences, however, as our spy snapper tells us.

The body is about 100mm wider, which means the cabin should be more spacious than that of the relatively cramped present version. The length and the height of the 4x4, however, seem unchanged. The interior will also receive a comprehensive upgrade with a completely new design and host of fresh technologies. A closer look also reveals changes to the front grille, bonnet and windscreen.

The new G-Wagen will also be more aerodynamic, largely due to a cleaner underbody — you can’t really make the blocky exterior any more slippery than it already is. The suspension will also be updated to increase high-speed stability.

As is customary these days, the newcomer will be approximately 100kg lighter and more fuel efficient than the car it will replace.

While most of the cosmetic differences are at the front, the inclusion of old school halogen headlamps on the mule is curious. However, our spy photographer reliably informs us that those are just for the tester and the real thing is expect to get LED-Matrix headlights. Yup, so it’ll also be better at flashing people out of the way on E11.