Even though it’s been camouflaged by a very psychedelic wrap, it’s quite evident — even to the untrained eye — that Mini isn’t trying to hide its upcoming all-electric three-door at all. How so you ask? Well, those ‘electric test vehicle’ stickers plastered all over the body give the game away but there’s very little need to hide the fact that a more volume-oriented successor to the 2009 Mini E (they only made 600 of those...) is on the way, especially not when every other carmaker is also at it.

Our snapper was able to get a few photos of the test mule, which is based on the pre-facelifted Mini (the headlights give that away; it’s clear then that this is just a work in progress...) that previewed last year in concept form at the Frankfurt motor show being put through its paces in the Arctic Circle. It appears all of the on-board wizbangery coped rather well in the freezing conditions. Exactly what they are is not known at this stage and nor has its expected range been revealed — or indeed what it will be called once it is green lit for production— but it could have similar tech as what parent company BMW fortifies the latest i3 with and that’s a synchronous electric motor that makes up to 170 horses and 250Nm of torque.


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S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

There are some very minor differences in terms of how it looks compared to the three-door hatchback such as the resculpted front and rear bumpers and although we can’t quite see it it’ll have a regenerative braking system too.

Overall, we don’t think this electrified variant will stray too far from the more conventional Minis but there will, naturally, be a few other visual differences. We don’t need to go by these latest spy shots to conclude that it won’t have any exhaust tips sticking out of the rear bumper (no points for guessing why...) or that it’ll have a large charge point somewhere on the body. Hopefully the final version will not stray too far from the Mini Electric concept — and if it retains that flat looking grille with yellow trim we’ll be happy.