The upcoming mid-engine Corvette has been out lapping the Nürburgring in anger — and our spy was able to send us some of the most revealing shots of the much anticipated Chevy to date.

The C8 was last spotted a few months ago hiding under baggy black camouflage — but this time, it’s wearing a skin-tight wrap that allows us to make out quite a lot of the intricate details. Aside from the gaping side intakes and swooping nose, the supercar features sculpted shoulder lines that rise to the rear and wide side mirrors that look like they’re production spec while around the back we like the look of the quad exhaust outlets, engine cover and the deeply recessed taillights. In fact, the rear of the car is probably the only bit that resembles what we’re used to from a Corvette because of the rest of this prototype reminds us more of a Ferrari 360 — especially the nose — but the headlights might just be placeholders designed to throw us off a little. We don’t know for certain what’s under the rear engine cover but the rumours suggest a range of V8’s with the familiar 6.2-litre producing at least 460 horses and a twin-turbo variant with possibly 850 horses. Production may start in September 2019. 


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