Launched nearly three decades ago, the Explorer has been a massively successful model for Ford. In spite of the brief but significant dip in sales towards the end of the last decade due to the Firestone tyre imbroglio, the blue oval has shifted millions of these SUVs from their showrooms worldwide. While the current fifth generation model continues to be hugely popular in most markets including the Middle East, Ford is giving its next-generation Explorer the finishing touches.

These are the best images we have had of the upcoming iteration, which is likely to go on sale next year as a 2020 model. While the styling changes seem to be evolutionary, the new Explorer is likely to be larger in size than the current model. In fact, the 2020 Explorer will be one of the first models to be built on Dearborn’s next-generation D6 platform, which will be used in all of the Group’s larger models. The redesigned radiator grille appears to lend the Explorer a more imposing presence when viewed from the front.

The D6 platform offers the flexibility for front-, rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations, and the new Explorer will feature a rear-wheel-drive layout offering all-wheel drive option. Powertrain options are expected to be a four-cylinder turbo, and a naturally aspirated V6, while a high performance ST variant will be powered by a twin-turbo V6.