Porsche’s upcoming all-electric vehicle, the Taycan has been spied testing several times already. But the set of pictures our snapper has sent this week is by far the most revealing yet. He managed to get really close enough to the development prototype to capture many details of the Taycan, such as taillights that are similar to the 911’s, massive brake discs and calipers that point to some serious performance credentials, and close-up of the charging port.

It still wears cladding to disguise the lines, and the fake exhausts are still there. The overall design is has similarities to that of the Panamera, but the Taycan has a proper saloon-style trunk lid unlike the former’s tailgate.

Porsche claims the range-topping variant will go from 0 to 100 kph in less than 3.5 seconds and will reach a top speed of more than 200kph. And featuring 800-volt charging, it is expected to juice up 80 per cent of its battery in less than half an hour. Watch this space for more photos and details as they emerge.