Remember when AMG boss Tobias Moers said there could be more Mercedes-AMG GT variants coming soon? Well, it appears he wasn’t kidding as our snapper has just seen a roadster version of the AMG GT being tested.

The newbie features a fabric roof and since the model was designed to include a convertible from the outset, rigidity shouldn’t be an issue. It’s expected to be called the GT C Roadster and it should launch sometime next year — but we reckon we’ll be seeing it in all its glory at the 2016 LA motor show. From what we can tell, it looks very similar to its tin-top counterpart but there are a few differences upon closer inspection. There’s a longer rear deck and a more rakish roofline, however, the front end is rather similar to the current AMG GT.

It will likely pack the same 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 as the hard-top and could make the same 456 horsepower, but with a tad more weight due to the convertible mechanism, this one will reach 100kph a fraction slower than the AMG GT’s time of 3.9 seconds. And of course it’ll cost more than it.

Two further trims will be made available — the GT S and the GT R. Bring them all on, we say!