The BMW 4 Series has been around for a few years now, which means the time is right for the model that designates the manufacturer’s two-door coupés, convertibles and, er, four-door versions of the aforementioned two-door coupés, to get a facelift.

Interestingly, though, the prototype that our spy spotted hot-weather testing in southern Europe is the full blown M4 variant.

As you’d expect, there aren’t wholesale changes to the car, with most of the alterations restricted to the front fascia and the rear.

The mug seems to have taken several design cues from the limited-edition, and now sold out, M4 GTS. Despite the camouflage, the new front lip is discernable as are the GTS-style air scoops on the bonnet.

The taillights also appear to have received new graphics, while the spoiler at the back is bigger, too.

Curiously, the cabin of the test mule was almost entirely camouflaged, pointing to a comprehensive overhaul of the interior. Expect new interior trim, wheel design and paint options as well. Chances of performance-orientated kit from the M4 GTS such as lightweight bucket seats are also likely to make their way into this upcoming M4.

Powertrain changes will almost certainly be minor, with the water-injection system from the GTS highly unlikely to make it to this update. On a positive note, output of the 2017 M4 will definitely be upped, possibly to 444bhp – essentially what you get by speccing the Competition Package on the current M4.

The facelifted 4 Series should make its debut next year, followed by the updated M4 that we see here. The convertible version will probably arrive at dealerships shortly thereafter.