The 997 Porsche 911 GT2 RS was a bit of a monster. It was essentially a 911 Turbo S with the crazy turned up — way up to 620 horsepower. It was the most hardcore 911 Porsche sold at the time, mostly because despite the added grunt the GT2 RS relied on rear-wheel drive rather than all-paw grip Porsche’s everyday supercar employs. The gearbox was a manual jobbie, too. Porsche built only 500 of those and they were quickly snapped up by enthusiasts.

Now as the current 991 range reaches the end of its lifecycle time is ripe for a reboot of the mental GT RS.

While the earlier prototypes were mistaken for an even more focused version of the GT3 RS, mainly due to similar front air scoops, this test mule loses them revealing its true identity. All rise for the 2018 911 GT2 RS!

Spotted at the Nürburgring, the test mule sounded even more raw and guttural than the GT3 RS, and according to our spy, was cornering at insane speeds with a near racecar composure.

Out back there is a whopping big fixed spoiler, which will be adjustable. However, given the new GT2 RS is expected to deliver anything north of 680 horsepower, we’d leave that well alone.
Another clue to the fact that this is indeed a GT2 RS are the rear vents on both sides of the bumper, which indicate a turbocharged 911. Also unlike the GT3 RS which has central exhaust tips, this prototype has them on either side of the car.

However, one thing that’s unclear right now is whether the GT2 RS will stick with the manual gearbox, or move to double clutch PDK. Chances are the latter will be the only choice offered. Still it’s a new GT2 RS so we can’t complain much.