The current ZO6, with 650 horses, is a heck of a car but we — like you — know Chevrolet is capable of better, and so here are the first spyshots of, yep, the new ZR1.

Our snapper spotted the prototype and managed to take a few photos before it raced back into the security gates at General Motors Proving Grounds. But the C7 proved too quick for our man, who only managed to get the rear end before it escaped his attentions. His photos, however, reveal a huge rear spoiler and the reason for it being there is to improve downforce, of course — and it’s a good job it’s there too, because this Corvette will likely have way more power than the last ZR1, which had 640 horses. We reckon the newbie, which should be powered by a supercharged 6.2-litre V8, will break the 700 horsepower barrier.

It should be able to hit 100kph from rest in less than three seconds and top out at over 330kph, which was the claimed V-max of the C6 ZR1. We doubt it’ll be offered with a manual gearbox though, and expect to find the same eight-speed automatic as in the ZO6.

The loose covering on the front seems to be hiding a bulging bonnet and large air intakes at the corners of the bumpers, while the fact the doors are unpainted could mean a move from fibreglass to carbon fibre, which would also help shed a bit of weight. Finally, with the amount of camo at the back, we expect some changes there too.