Group motoring editor Amit must really hate me. I always end up getting assigned to go on photoshoots at noon. Now, you may have noticed that afternoons get pretty toasty around here and shooting a car generally entails a lot of standing around in the sun while Stefan goes about his business.

But the real challenge begins even before we set off — fitting the vast amounts of equipment he needs in the boot of the car. This was not a problem in the XF.

The Jag boasts a 540-litre capacity boot, which is bigger than both its main rivals — the BMW 5 Series and the Audi A6, which weigh in at 520 litres and 530 litres respectively. Stefan seems to like the interior a lot, however to my trained eye, there are some plastic bits that do not belong in a premium car.

On the upside, the air conditioning is pretty effective too. Despite a searing 49 degrees outside, the cabin remained nice and cool. To be honest, that’s pretty much all that matters in the summer.