As the deputy art editor I rarely get the chance to drive the exotica that land at the wheels HQ. However, last week was a pleasant departure from this norm. Group motoring editor Amit asked me if I could help out with the photoshoot for the AMG GT versus Audi R8 feature. Heck yeah I could!

The GT is one of the most dramatic cars I’ve driven in recent times. Yes, it has got a cramped cabin, and yes that bonnet stretches for miles, which is an unusual view for someone who drives a Ford Escape, but by gosh it’s an incredible machine. 

The engine is fantastic and I loved the GT so much that I took a detour on the way back to the office. The way it growls and hisses; it could well give full-blown supercars a run for their money in the dramatics department.

However, if you’re a family man and find the GT too impractical, then may I suggest an alternative? Get the C 63 S; it’s got four doors, four seats, a large boot and, of course, that engine. I think I’m in love.