It’s a sad day at the wheels HQ. Time has come for us to bid farewell to one of the most dramatic cars ever to have joined our long-term fleet. Over the past seven weeks the Mercedes AMG GT S has impressed, thrilled, and to be honest in some areas, mildly disappointed. That said, it has been nothing short of exceptional overall.

There are cars that are so perfect that they almost feel impersonal — I’m looking at you Porsche 911 Turbo. However, the GT with its over the top, and somewhat unnecessary histrionics, worms its way into your heart. But enough of syrupy ramblings and on to the more tangible real-world stuff about the GT.

In practical, everyday terms, the GT cannot quite match up to the new 911 Turbo, which incidentally is also about Dh50,000 cheaper. The Porsche is more usable and is decidedly quicker than the GT. So if you are looking for a precision device and are, er, a more mature gent/lady; the 911 is hard to beat.

The GT rides noticeably harsher, the cabin is cramped — although it looks fantastic — and the elaborate proportions make it that much more difficult to navigate tight spaces in. However, it’s a sportscar and at its heart lies a phenomenal engine. This is where the GT starts winning. It sounds so good that this entire article could be written in onomatopoeia, and the sheer mechanical grip is astounding — it’s a properly potent machine and makes the 911 feel like a little hot hatchback when it comes to enjoyment behind the wheel.

Surprisingly, for a car that turns petrol into lots of glorious noise every time you lift off, it’s pretty economical, too. Our test average hovered around the 14 litres per 100km mark, which is superb considering the performance. In my opinion, AMG makes some of the best turbocharged engines on sale today, and the GT is proof that you can get honest fuel economy gains without sacrificing pace or the experience.

Yes, the GT is flawed in some respects, but there are so many things that it does so much better than its competition that you can’t help but forgive its follies. It’s an adorable car.

The progress

Week 5 Features writer Imran Malik reckons the GT is a bit of a poser’s car; he is obviously wrong. Although a little OTT, the GT’s dramatic exterior styling is backed up by proper performance credentials. It improves on many flaws of its SLS forebear.

Highs Striking looks, engine, grip.

Lows Some might find the styling over the top.

Week 6 wheels deputy art editor takes the GT for a photo shoot and immediately falls in love with its twin-turbo V8 engine. However, he reckons the C 63 S is a better choice because it has the same engine and proper four-door capability.

Highs Exceptional engine.

Lows Cramped cabin.