Our long-term XC90’s parking sensors are beginning to find obstacles when there are none. Every so often it’ll start beeping frantically telling me that I’m dangerously close, and possibly on a collision course, to some solid object around the car. Half the time it turns out to be a false alarm. As it’s evident from the image that there clearly isn’t anything behind the car, and the rear-view camera confirms my observations, yet the sensor seems to be convinced that I am indeed about to hit something.

Apart from this minor irritant, which could perhaps be because of the layers of dust that have settled on the car, there isn’t much to complain about.

It’s a fantastically left-field choice in a market where everyone either drives a Porsche Cayenne or aspires to. It’s quietly handsome and does everything you expect from a family car. Oh, and the autonomous driving mode is superb, largely because of the looks of bemused astonishment it evokes on your passengers faces as they see the car steer itself. Priceless!