This week, I’ve been hopping back and forth between the Wrangler and the CTS-V, and the contrast, as you’d imagine, is stark. Jumping from the Caddie into the Jeep is like entering a different era of motoring, when every thing was exceedingly simple and utilitarian.

There’s nothing on the Jeep that isn’t essentially required, and things are as pared back as they possibly can be. The doors, for example, are held back by a chain covered with a piece of canvas — there are absolutely no fripperies at all. And that makes it quite an interesting antithesis to most modern cars. You can’t but help admire its honest-to-goodness character.

There is one glaring omission though. Despite the raised ride height there are no grab handles near the A-pillar to help ease the process of ingress. You have to clumsily hang on to whatever bit of the body work falls to hand and scale your way into the cabin. Oh, and the fuel economy is atrocious. More next week.