Five weeks in and it’s time for our long-term Jeep Wrangler to head back to Trading Enterprises for the first stage of jiggery pokery. As we mentioned earlier, the modifications will purely be cosmetic in this phase. So we’re looking at beefier Rubicon 10th Anniversary bumpers, Mopar LED headlights and LED spots.

We will also report back on the cost of these mods and the quality of the work undertaken at the dealership, giving you a clear idea of what to expect when you decide to modify your own Jeep.

A few weeks down the line, the arguably more important performance work will be done and will include a Mopar 2.0in suspension lift, ATR 285 cross-section tyres, Mopar air induction kit and Mopar cat-back exhausts.

Meanwhile, the news has generally been positive for the Wrangler with almost every member of the team succumbing to its old-school charm. And exactly no one raving about the prehistoric fuel efficiency.