There is something to be said about the presence of the Patrol on the roads, especially our Nismo’ed version; this thing parts traffic like a minor miracle. Other drivers scamper out of your way the very moment you emerge in their rear-view mirror and that’s when you are driving like a perfectly sensible human being.

The not so impressive bit is the fuel economy, which as you would expect in a car of this size hovers near the 20 litres per 100km mark. Off the line it is unexpectedly gruff, too, and it seems that Nissan’s love for CVTs has rubbed off on this seven-speed automatic, which in the first few gears drones uncannily like the much-loathed transmission.

There are many positives, though. It is supremely comfortable and is positively humongous inside. There is a substantial amount of kit, too, and the quality of materials used inside is great, with acres of soft leather and wood everywhere. And that makes it rather good value.