Four weeks into the test, and life with our long-term Patrol has been generally ruffle-free — perhaps, apart from the one instance where it nearly got wedged in a tight underground carpark. However, the upside of the humongous size is a cabin that is so spacious, you need to make a phonecall to talk to the people in the third row.

Speaking of phones, and this is a first for me, I actually managed to stream music via Bluetooth from my Apple in one attempt. No other car has ever let me do that quite so easily. The other bit of tech that is a little annoying, though, is the lane-departure warning. The system is super sensitive and since the Patrol is the size of a bus, you’re greeted with constant beeps and warnings.

Fuel efficiency isn’t exactly a high point, hovering at the 20-plus litres per 100km mark, but that is expected given the Patrol weighs as much as a small country. I didn’t really think I was going to say it but I am beginning to quite like this car.