If you’ve been following the progress of our long-term Wrangler, you’ll be aware that the first phase of changes has already been done. Now, two weeks in, it’s time for the Jeep to return to the dealership for some performance loving!

The mods will include a loftier ride height thanks to some suspension tweakery, which should enhance off-road ability even further. To complement the more aggressive stance, the Wrangler will also benefit from the larger 285/70 R17 off-road tyres . This will, naturally, require the speedometer to be recalibrated as well.

The engine will get a cold air intake to improve cooling and allow the V6 to develop a bit more power, while out back a new exhaust system should improve the car’s vocal talents and reduce back pressure.

Cumulatively, these alterations should make a noticeable difference in the way the Wrangler drives. Look out for our full test, complete with the pricing of the modifications in a forthcoming issue.