The Nismo Patrol has surprised me with its unprecedented fuel economy on a recent run to Fujairah and back. A full tank of petrol costs about Dh200 and gives you a driving range of over 800 kilometres!

However, what was even more impressive was that it took less than a quarter tank to reach the coastal emirate. But make no mistake, it still drinks like it’s got a problem during city travel and stop-and go-traffic.

It is exceedingly comfortable on long hauls too, with its excellent noise insulation, a spacious cabin and a fantastic ride quality. On a mildly frivolous note, the Patrol’s road presence also means that on the inter-emirate highways you are almost never tailgated; which is near well impossible to say in any other car.

The only downside I could gather from the 400km-plus drive was the understandably lollopy body control over bendy mountain roads.

In other news, our long-term Patrol is expected to head back to Nissan Middle East soon. Look out for our final verdict in next week’s issue.