Poor fuel economy, you’ll notice, has become a recurring theme on this page. While the outgoing Patrol Nismo hasn’t exactly impressed us with its lack of frugality, the other long-termer, the Wrangler, arguably has an even bigger drinking problem. A 50km round trip to the thick end of town will easily gobble about a quarter tank of fuel.

We have run several high-performance, gas-guzzling machines in this section over the year, but the Wrangler is up there with the least economical of the lot. Living with this car on a daily basis, especially if your job entails a lot of driving, will cost you a fair bit in go-juice money.

On the upside, there is little that comes in the way of the Jeep when the going gets gnarly. With its enhanced ground clearance and boosted performance it makes short work of the roughest of terrain. A little bit of kerb stomping at your local supermarket and beach duties will be a stroll in the park. More next week.