The reasons we picked the Edge as our Crossover of the Year were purely based on its abilities as a family car, and it seems that a large number of motorists in the country are in agreement with our decision. Now that I’m driving one on a daily basis, I’ve begun to notice the sheer number of these things on the roads across the UAE.

Granted most of them are the first generation cars, I am beginning to see more and more second-gen Edges around, too. 

Recently one of my neighbours bought a brand new Edge finished in black, and he seems happy with his decision. The colour of our tester is a touch divisive though. Depending on the fertility of your imagination it could conjure images of the stuff that comes out of babies when they have maladies relating to the digestive tract, or as a rather nice looking shiny packaging of a chocolate bar. Did you think of these analogies, too? You’re weird!

Anyway, back to the Edge… While the popularity does give you assurance that you’re not the only one who’s spent money on the particular car, it also means that on the roads it sits in a metaphorical blind spot. There are so many you barely notice them anymore. So, if you’re expecting your shiny 2017 Edge to turn heads it’s not going to happen. Even if you’ve pick yours in baby-discharge-hue. There is some bad news though, and it’s the fuel economy, which isn’t particularly economical. All I have managed to achieve is a very precise 14.8 litres per 100km. This, you will notice, is not the same as 10 litres per 100km the US Department of Energy seems to have eked out. I imagine a lot of it is perhaps down to my enthusiastic driving style, it’s also got something to do with the Edge’s 1,850kg-plus heft and the tiny four-cylinder engine lugging it.

Either way it looks to be a massive seller, and we’d like to believe that at least some of it is down to it winning our award. You’re welcome Ford.


The progress:

week 1
Features writer Imran gets the keys to our long-terming Edge from Fadi, predictably with just about enough fuel to get him to the pumps. The Edge’s range meter throws a curve and gives wildly differing range readings.

Highs: Don’t trust the fuel range reading

Lows: Smooth ride, roomy cabin, good kit

week 2
The Edge is pressed in airport pick-up duty and it immediately impresses with its practicality. The boot-opening sensor works a treat. But the day time running lights which are not LEDs, and therefore not bright enough, are a bit pointless.

Highs: Practical, loads of storage space with the seats down

Lows: Day time running lights are not the brightest