I’ve cracked it! Finally I’ve found the solution to the S90’s annoying stop-start system, without having to go through menu after menu to turn it off. Just flick the car to Dynamic with merely a turn of the mode selector near the gear lever and voila!

This also means that of late I’ve been driving the S90 in full-tilt-mode and boy is this thing surprising on the move. Sure this isn’t a BMW 5 Series dynamically, however, there is a substantial amount of shove from that twincharged engine. And thanks to all-wheel-drive, it’s very, very well composed when the going gets twisty. I would even describe it as fun. I know... A Volvo!

The downside of this unjudicious use of the right pedal means fuel economy is suffering a little bit... OK, a lot. I’m barely managing 18 litres per 100km these days. That said, it’s not any fault of the car. It’s the way I’m driving... So, in essence, stop-start is actually making me waste fuel rather than conserve it. More next week.