Admittedly, this hasn’t been the longest of long-term tests. Just five weeks in and it’s now time for the Ford Edge to leave the wheels garage. Since its launch about seven months ago, the Edge has been something of a favourite for most of the team members.

The first person to drive the second-generation Edge was deputy editor Sony Thomas, who was the only journalist to have tested it then. He was deeply impressed by the Edge’s deliciously smooth and powerful Ecoboost V6 engine, as well as its superbly-sorted suspension.

The next on the team to test the Edge was features writer Imran Malik. Now, regular readers of the magazine will be aware that Billy Bob Malik Jr is a bit of a fan of American muscle and being single — form an orderly queue, ladies — is not exactly big on family haulers. For him, as you may have already gathered from his CTS-V piece on page 18, any car incapable of doing a burnout isn’t worthy of his attention. It was a pretty massive surprise then that even he praised the Edge for its comfortable suspension and spacious interior.

This might go some way in explaining why the Edge was able to beat the Renault Koleos and the Volkswagen Tiguan to secure our Crossover of the Year award for 2017. Not only is it capable, it seems to be able to impress people with diverse definitions of a great motor vehicle. Sony, for example, likes his cars comfortable and refined, unlike Imran as explained earlier.

Naturally, since I’ve spent the longest time with the Edge, I too, must agree that it is indeed a very, very good car. Sure, I think it is a well-engineered vehicle, but I quite like the exterior styling. Call me shallow if you will.

All in all, these five weeks have reaffirmed to me that picking the Edge winner over its competitors was the right thing to do. And while we part ways for now, I’m certain our paths will cross again once there are fresher rivals on the market. The Edge would then have to defend its reputation. Until then, it sits at the top of the pile and deservedly so.


The progress:

Week 4
In smaller-engined Titanium trim the Edge may not exactly be a belter, but it is peppy enough to despatch everyday family duties with ease. It is roomy and comfortable as well, which makes it one of the best crossovers on the market today.

Highs: Comfortable and capacious

Lows: We prefer the twin-turbo V6 version

Week 3
Once you drive an Edge you suddenly start noticing the sheer number of these things on the road, which kind of puts the all-new model in a metaphorical blind spot. Fuel economy has also been less than stellar.

Highs: Great family all-rounder, hugely popular

Lows: Not as economical as we expected