It is one of those rare occasions where I actually agree with group motoring editor Amit; the S90 is a fantastic-looking car. Despite the flashy “Thor’s Hammer” headlights up front, it manages to look restrained, elegant and, most of all, classy.

I also like the fact that in a time of derivative styling, the S90 is like nothing in its segment. It’s a thoroughly original design. It’s the same story with the interior. Granted, some of the materials aren’t quite as top-notch as those in the new BMW 5 Series (I’ve been driving one for the past few days), but the layout is a masterclass in Swedish minimalism. It’s crisp, modern and yet artistic.

Another point where it differs from the aforementioned Bimmer is the doors. No, really. New BMWs seem to have much lighter doors, which doesn’t exactly give you a premium feel when you get inside. The doors on the S90, however, close with a reassuring ‘thunk’. I expect that in a car that costs more than Dh250,000.