Yup, I was right. The F-Pace doesn’t look anywhere near special in our tester’s dreary white finish. We’ve driven a Caesium Blue example in the past and the amount of heads that one turned makes our current long-termer feel no more exclusive than a Kia Sportage, or something, in comparison.

Driving is a different matter though. It’s blessed with a sublime chassis which is very well balanced when it comes to comfort and dynamics. The X4 M40i definitely boasts sharper handling, but the ride quality is fidgety and it’s a lot less practical than the F-Pace too.

However, in true Jag fashion, the electronics sometimes seem to have a mind of their own. The parking sensors, for instance, sometimes find massive obstacles in the car’s travel path when there clearly are none. That said, there have been no serious glitches so far.

And given that this is a press demonstrator, which has done 16,000 very, very hard kilometres, it’s a pretty good achievement, I’d say.