A week into its stint here, the Koleos reasserts its credentials as a decent family hauler. The cabin is pretty hushed when you are cruising along at highway speeds, and the ride quality is remarkably refined, and comfortable for a utility vehicle in this price range. Body roll is kept well under check considering its ride height, and the steering offers feedback at levels acceptable in this class of cars.

A minor niggle caught my attention though. I take along a steaming cup of coffee on my drive to work every morning, so a cup holder is of high importance to me. And I was happy to see that Renault has been generous in this regard. However, when I took my first sip at the lights just over five minutes after I started my journey to work, I was surprised that my coffee was not hot anymore. That is when I realised that the cup holder closer to the driver is meant for cold drinks and blows an icy blast into whatever you keep there.

If you are in the habit of leaving mobile phones there, you run the risk of condensation damaging it. But for those who love their beverages chilled, this is a plus.